Loomit Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loomit?

It’s a new fashion app that will transform how you buy style! You can discover new items from the brands you love, before anyone else.

Discover it: With Loomit you can follow fashion labels such as Ted Baker, UNIQLO, Monsoon and over 1,000 others. You’ll be notified as soon as new items are available. Never again will you need to worry about seeing that perfect item only to find out it’s out of stock.

Share it: Tag your friends in your favourite items, and see what the world is saying.

Own it: Buy it as soon as you see it, or save it for later and see if it goes on sale.


How do I get it?

Easy! You can get us on Android right here.

And now we've also launched on iOS - download it here!


How do I share an item I’ve seen?

Two ways, you can share the direct link and image via any social network or messaging service using the share button. Alternatively, you can just tag them in a comment if they have Loomit and you know their @username.


I’ve had a problem with my shopping order, what do I do?

Sorry to hear that! We only partner with the best, most reliable, merchants so we hope it can be resolved! All orders made through Loomit are the sole responsibility of the merchant. We cannot help with any queries around shipping, sizing etc. Please visit the merchant site directly and get in contact with their support.

If, however, you have a concern about the legal operations of a merchant then please do contact us and we’ll look into it.


I’m seeing items in my feed that I wouldn’t expect to see (like an item for the opposite gender).

We’re reliant on the data that brands give us being accurate – and sometimes there can be small errors that slip through. We’re all human, right? We try to make sure this happens as rarely as possible but we’re working on perfecting our algorithms to remove all the anomalies. Please bear with us as we continue to improve!


There’s a brand I want to follow that isn’t on Loomit, can you add them?

We are bringing new brands on board all the time, so – yes, absolutely, if we can! We’re always looking for suggestions. If you have a certain brand in mind please pop us an email at hello@loomit.co.


I have a suggestion, comment or a bug to report, where can I send it?

First off, brilliant! Thanks for thinking of us and taking the time to make Loomit even better. Just pop us an email at hello@loomit.co.


I represent a Brand and we want to be a part of Loomit, how can we join?

Awesome, we hope you can become part of the family! We have certain conditions you’ll need to meet, but we’re pretty friendly so just pop us an email at countmein@loomit.co with your details and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Help! I still need some tech support!

Never fear, we’re here for you! Just email us at hello@loomit.co.

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